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❌ It's CLOSE from downtown.

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❌ It's CLOSE from downtown.
   It is close to the city (the central part of the city).

⭕️ It's CLOSE TO downtown.
   It's NEAR downtown.

More Examples:

▸ our school is near (to) the station
Our school is close to the station. (man! It is also used as a 前置詞, so it is avoided in the shape of the near to.)

▸ the hospital is near here
The hospital is just a little too far from here. (it is often used in⦆, which is often not a way to use it). The hospital isn't far from here. (man! In the case of the area, it is necessary for the from

▸ come to the nearest window and sit down and sit down

▸ This is the NEARest [shortest] way to the bus stop.